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The Music Support Group Academy Varsity Marching Band

By: Amelia Krzton

The Music Support Group Academy in McCandless is not the only one to have aspiring musicians as clients (Elizabeth Mosh, Allison Brawner, Kimberly Silvet, Andrea Dolette, and Kathleen Kurylo- all class of 2019). There are some new clients in the Music Support Group Academy Varsity Marching Band in Turtle Creek who are freshmen this year. They are Emily Grey on alto saxophone, Lauren Bennett on clarinet, India Karns on flute, Juliet Thimons on trumpet, and Fiona Arwood on percussion.

Some notable performances by the Marching Band besides seeing them perform at Kennywood Park in August was going to see the Alumni Homecoming Parade and Performance on October 13 and recently the Christmas concert at Heinz Hall with the Greater Pittsburgh Concert Band on December 22, the Friday before Christmas.

I discovered a lot about the band as their fundraiser will coincide with a Focus event at Shelly Pie and Lokay Lanes for another participant’s birthday on January 26. This will be a fundraiser for the band trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida over the Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully, it won’t conflict with spring and summer activities on Fridays in May!

The best performance I have seen from the MSG band so far was the Christmas concert performing 3 songs “Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)” arranged by Bill Callhoun, “Stille, Stille, Stille” arranged by James Curnow and “Feliz Navidad” arranged by Chris Sharp. The Greater Pittsburgh Concert Band performed 3 songs “A Winter’s Night” arranged by Rick Kirby and “Sleigh Ride” and “A Christmas Festival” both arranged by Leroy Anderson, the first song being a high school band concert favorite every Christmas!

After the concert, there was a reception with Christmas cookies and punch in the dining hall. Both of these performances coincided with Kennywood being open for Phantom Fright Nights around Homecoming Day and the park being open for Holiday Lights around the combined bands Christmas performance at Heinz Hall.

Also to note: there are open positions for Woodwind Instructor, Brass Instructor, and Percussion Instructor for people to apply for.


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