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Our content is written exclusively by adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.


This website aims to increase inclusion and broaden the general understanding of autism for potential employers, and society, through a demonstration of each creator’s individual skills and talents.  The Pittverse Community simultaneously fosters creativity, teamwork, responsibility, and a sense of purpose that are imperative for success in any environment.

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In the summer of 2013, Brian Kluchurosky, and a small group of adults on the autism spectrum gathered in a tiny room to discuss innovative ways to advocate for autism. The group's vision was to challenge the too common stigma of  autism by highlighting the unique talents and abilities of individuals with the condition. The result of their efforts was the creation of Pittverse Magazine, a publication that showcases the creative spirit of adults on the autism spectrum. Despite its humble beginnings as a 12-page newsletter, the magazine gained popularity and grew in size and quality.

Over the next decade, Pittverse Magazine blossomed into a beautifully produced publication with over 40 adult contributors spanning 4 states. The magazine also provided valuable work readiness opportunities as contributors gained experience in meeting deadlines, receiving feedback, and engaging socially with one another.  

In 2023, Pittverse Magazine evolved into the Pittverse Community. While still producing high quality articles, the community has expanded its offerings to include social media, podcasting, live-streaming and other content formats to meet the evolving needs of modern content consumers. Additionally the community has expanded our social events, including game days, foodie calls, and other friendship-building activities. Pittverse Community is proud to provide a platform for everyone to discover an accurate understanding of autism as a spectrum of individuality that champions the mantra: "we are all more alike than we are different."


Evolution of the Magazine

Over the past several years, a tiny newsletter became a full-fledged magazine. With the increase in participants came other changes than just a higher page count. Pittverse Magazine has evolved from issue to issue, on the inside and out. We have welcomed new staff, said goodbye to writers and staff as they depart for other opportunities, and have grown as a group of people on a mission to produce one of the best magazines around. At each stage, the writing staff have made important decisions, including revamping the magazine cover, connecting with others during meetings and social events, and had a say in nearly every aspect of the magazine.

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Why we do what we do!

This magazine has given many individuals the opportunity to learn employment skills, connect and socialize with others, and evolve as an individual. There are many stories to be told, ranging from interviews with members of the community, opinion pieces on all subjects, life stories, original artwork and photography, one-of-a-kind fictional stories crafted by our talented writers, and so much more. We do what we do to make sure that these adults on the autism spectrum are heard and that they have an opportunity to grow, just like any other person should have.


“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

Dr. Stephen Shore

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