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New Snack Time Recipes

In the last article, recall how I talked about a Pittsburgh’s Perfect Parties concession stand, which we did earlier this week! Since we really didn’t have too much to sell that day, I would like to talk about the snacks that I made all by myself from the Taste of Home website, which is the same website that my systematic skill builder, Emily Bogesdorfer, printed out recipes for me from. So far, I have made stuffed peanut butter and jelly French toast kabobs for a breakfast treat. I have also made fruit and cheese kabobs, frozen chocolate monkey treats, which are basically chocolate-covered bananas, festive apple dip made with cream cheese, peanut butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, mini marshmallows, and hot fudge dip, peanut-marshmallow popcorn, peanut butter and granola pinwheels for another breakfast treat, and fruit juice pops made with, well, fruit juice.

One snack that I haven’t quite made that I would like to try making is the White Chocolate Party Mix made with Cheerios and Chex cereal along with peanuts, M&Ms, and of course, white chocolate chips. Making these snacks has really cut down on my budget in the past few weeks when I was tempted to spend money on miscellaneous snacks from one of my local convenience stores. One of the benefits of making all of these homemade snacks besides saving money is the nutritional value of all of these snacks. For example, I have something useful to eat with my apples when I make Festive Apple Dip and I have something useful to eat with my bananas when I make Frozen Chocolate Monkey Treats.

Not to mention, I also use the bananas for my favorite to-go breakfast treat, which is a Banana Dog, which is also a banana on a bun, with peanut butter and jelly for condiments. I consider this to be cheaper than buying breakfast every day. Whether online or in one of my nutrition books, it is always fun to try new healthy recipes. If you give them a try, you will find and try something new that you might like! Overall, I enjoy making new recipes at snacktime. They are overall very tasty and very delicious!


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