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More Spring and Summer Activities

In the dead of winter, it is a perfect time to reflect on memories of warmer weather in the spring and summer! This even includes different favorite activities to do. Here are some excerpts from 3 female Pittsburgh’s Perfect Parties clients reflecting on their best activities to do in the spring and summer.

Allison Brawner is a junior at Carnegie Mellon University. In the 7th grade, she enjoyed playing Chopped, Jr. in the borough of Bridgeville. Chopped, Jr. is named after the famous cooking show on the Food Network. One of the most popular recipes that Allison and her friends enjoyed making together was pizza. Three months later, during the summer of 2014, she and her friends went to the dollar store in Moon Township near the Pittsburgh International Airport to look at some fun supplies to use during their time together.

Twins Kaitlyn and Colleen Marioni are both in the 10th grade at Shady Side Academy. In the 7th grade, they enjoyed going to Riverside Park in Oakmont. Not to mention, this was during the Allegheny River-themed Memorial Day weekend that year due to doing various activities with my friends in different neighborhoods along the Allegheny River. Three months later, they wrote and acted out a play about what it is like to be twin sisters in the borough of Plum, which is just south and east of Oakmont.

Abigail Mifflin is a junior at Chatham University. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, she tried her best to make the spring and summer of 2020 memorable for her. The April activity was considered to be in the red phase, which was the bonfire in McCandless Township. The May activity was considered to be in the yellow phase, which was bowling in Reserve Township. The activities during the summer months were considered to be in the green phase, which included breaking open a piñata in Sewickley, a squirt gun battle in Sharpsburg, and making a fake snowman in Zelienople, which is part of Butler County.


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