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About Us

Mission Statement

Pittverse Magazine is a quarterly publication written exclusively by adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This publication aims to increase inclusion and broaden the general understanding of autism for potential employers, and society, through a demonstration of each writer’s individual skills and talents.  Pittverse Magazine simultaneously fosters creativity, teamwork, responsibility, and a sense of purpose that are imperative for success in any environment.

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Who We Are

Pittverse Magazine began as a quarterly printed publication exclusively written by adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In 2024, we transitioned to an online format, enabling us to offer more timely articles and a diverse range of content, including podcasts, art, and videos, alongside our written pieces. Over time, we have evolved into a close-knit community that supports each other through life's challenges and celebrates our successes together. Our mission is to enhance inclusion and broaden the general understanding of autism among potential employers and society by showcasing the unique skills and talents of each of our writers. The Pittverse Community fosters creativity, teamwork, responsibility, and a sense of purpose, which are essential for success in any environment.

Our History
Pittverse was initially produced by Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) with generous funding from the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust. For several years, Progress City took over production. In 2023, we transitioned to a self-sustaining model, supported by online content and sponsors/patrons. This shift also brought new corporate sponsorship from 3 Birch Trees and Uniquely the Same, Inc. Since our founding in 2013, Brian Klucherosky has been the primary facilitator of this valuable endeavor. We started as families with individuals on the autism spectrum and other at-risk youth and adults. Today, Pittverse has grown from a newsletter into a magazine and now into a community of over twenty adults with autism who online creators.


Get Involved
We are always welcoming new writers and contributors. There are many ways to contribute to Pittverse, including writing articles, conducting interviews, sharing opinion pieces, creating original artwork, photography, podcasts, videos, recipes, and top 10 lists, among others. If you are interested in becoming part of Pittverse, please speak to one of our writers or staff members, or click the link below to email our editor for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Join us in celebrating creativity, fostering understanding, and building a supportive community.

Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust

Pittverse Magazine is made possible in part due to the generous donations from the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust. Through the grant provided by the Edith L. Trees Charitable trust, many of the Pittverse writers are able to be compensated for their submissions, which creates real work experience for future employment and greater independence, as well as a productive and diverse environment for adults with autism in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

     Pittverse Magazine is proudly supported by Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) currently has programs in 17 states and serves 25 major US cities as well as dozens of other urban, suburban, and rural communities. By tapping into the strengths and capabilities or the 10,000 families we serve each year, our 2,000+ YAP staff members, and the capacity of communities, YAP affects positive change.

     YAP has developed unique service delivery principles that guide our work with youth, families and adults involved in the Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Behavioral Heath, and Educational Systems. Our staff, who reside in or near the neighborhoods they serve, work non-traditional, flexible hours and are accessible 24/7. Our demonstrated ability to recruit and energize indigenous resident leaders within neighborhoods is another unique element of our success.

     External evaluations of YAP confirm the validity of our approach. Our model has also been cited by several external bodies, including Annie E. Casey Foundation, as a "promising practice" in providing effective alternatives to institutional care.

     Since our agency opened, YAP has experienced rapid growth. We have broadened our scope of services and increased our capacity to service more children, youth, families, and adults - including those who have not succeeded with traditional services. We continue to explore new opportunities to demonstrate our unique and effective community-based alternatives to out-of-home placements.

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