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Zach Grabowski


There are a lot of things that are important to me in life. It would be hard without them. My family and friends are all important to me. I am very grateful to have them all in my life!

My cane helps me to travel safely in the community since I am totally blind. It lets me know of any objects that are in my way without getting hurt. I use a talking computer program for the blind called "JAWS". It works just like a regular computer and I can do everything that sighted people can do. I have a BrailleNote taker that I use to take notes and it helps me with keeping track of appointments, names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and websites. My phone can talk to me and I can use it just like a regular cell phone. I have an iPhone. My hearing aid and cochlear implant play a huge rule in my life because they help me hear. I am not able to hear well without them.

I feel that exercise is important to me. It helps me stay healthy and fit and building body strength and it is good for my overall health. My hobbies include swimming, rowing, bowling, exercise, fishing, camping, writing, listening to music, and just socializing and spending time with others. I am tremendously missing all of my activities outside of the house because of the Corona Virus that has been going around.

I am not into movies. I prefer music over movies. I like several tyupes of music, including oldies and country. I like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Jimmy Buffit, Rom Petty, Bill Witers, James Blunt, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Bob Sger, Ronnie Milsap, Billy Jowl, Elton John, Neil Diamond, the Eagles, the Beetles, Jimmy Buffit, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Darius Rucker, Brett Young, Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw, and Taylor Swift.


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