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You're the Reason I Keep Going

By: Maggie Jones

I know in my heart, there is something deep inside that understands why you and everyone here that I have ever known put me in the position in my life where I am today.

That I was meant to be, I am that reason too.

And like so many people that knew me and loved me along the way made me who I am today and always. I work at Bitty and Beau's coffee shop in Pittsburgh's Strip District, and I also work at Coffee that Helps. I am also a Pittverse Community member.

I am very proud of what I accomplished this past year. When you put your mind on anything good and positive, and believe in what you know is right, you can accomplish anything positive. I feel in my heart I did the best things for me. And I also feel I can help many people accomplish great things when we all take one day at a time.

If it wasn't for Coffee that Helps, I would never got the job at Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop as a barista. If it wasn't for Mr. Cal. and Miss. Ida (who run Coffee that Helps) helping me with resume’s reviews, interview practice. They gave me a chance to

practice money skills, social skills, communication skills and hard work. With dedication from them, I learned to take it one day at a time and gain positive feedback.

I went to an interview in August, September 8th 2023. It was the day I will never forget in my life. Landing successfully on the job I always dreamed of doing, being a barista. I never felt so independent in my life.

I made new friends at Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop and on hiring day got my apron proudly. My new boss at is Mr. Dan Heirs. He was really happy and pleased with my hard work.

My life changing story began with wanting for a job, self advocating for myself, and taking the positive step of completing a job application online.

The application was accepted and the interview was the

only hard part of the process. But, they were some of the nicest people you ever want too would make friends with.

Some days I have days where I give up like I said. But I keep going with my tears back and head up high because I understand we have those days...hero's do too. But hero’s never give up, so I am never giving up on everyday life with having

autism or other intellectual or developmental disabilities.

I keep going because of you. I don't run away from my problems and keep going because you love me.

And I won't give up. Keep going onward.

Here’s to 2024.


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