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Story and Photos by Robert Hester

If you’ve been paying attention to my stories over the last five-plus years, you’ll recall I’ve written some stories—and photographed—some personalities at WTAE-TV. For this story, yet another member of the station that’s housed on 400 Ardmore Boulevard in Wilkinsburg, PA is the subject! Kasey Reigner has been at Channel 4 since the middle of 2021. She came to join one of American TV’s legendary weather teams from WAND-TV in Decatur, Illinois, southwest of Chicago.

“I have always had a passion for all things math and science,” Kasey said, “So naturally I was fascinated by the weather.” In terms of other inspiration to become a meteorologist, when she was a kid, Kasey, according to her mother, was petrified of thunderstorms. But the older she got, the more she conquered that fear, and turned that fear into one of her biggest passions as a meteorologist, wanting to keep others safe from severe weather.

As mentioned before; WAND-TV is in Decatur, IL. The station is located less than an hour southwest of the University of Illinois, the home of the Fighting Illini. There’s an irony to that fact. That school is in the BIG 10 Conference, the same conference as one of Illinois’ BIG 10 rivals, and Kasey’s college alma mater, Penn State. “I had a wonderful time as a [We Are!] Penn State student,” Kasey said about her time in Happy Valley, “I made lifelong friends, some of which are here in [Pittsburgh], others are scattered throughout the country in meteorology careers.” As for the atmosphere in State College, itself, Kasey said it’s like no other. “The campus is breathtakingly beautiful, the Nittany Lion Football games at Beaver Stadium are INSANE, and the people, peers and professors are the best of the best!” Sadly, Kasey’s Happy time in Happy Valley was cut a little short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but she did say she stays in touch thankfully through virtual connections via Zoom.

When she returned to Pennsylvania to start her tenure as a meteorologist at WTAE-TV in the Summer of 2021, Kasey knew she would not just be in good company, but in Legendary company. “WTAE is full of outstanding people that I’m honored to be surrounded with,” Kasey said about her tenure at Channel 4 so far. At work on the legendary 400 Ardmore Boulevard address, Kasey has got the opportunity to work with just about (literally) “Everyone,” on and off-camera--from on-air talent to producers, photographers and everyone in between.

Kelsey’s even got to work with a couple of legendary mainstays at Channel 4 who have been on-camera working for the station for a combined half a century—over 25 years, each. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 anchors Shannon Perrine and Mike Clark. In fact, Mr. Clark has proudly represented WTAE-TV since a couple of years BEFORE Kasey was born! And Ms. Perrine, a native of Moon Township, started her tenure at Channel 4 the year AFTER Kasey was born—she was born in 1998! So naturally, Kasey said this about Mike and Shannon, “They're my work ‘Mom and Dad’, when I get to work with them!”

On mornings during the weekends, Kasey works with co-anchor Tom Garris. “We pretty much came on the job together and have loved working on weekend mornings as the dynamic duo,” Kasey said in verbal celebration of her friend and colleague on, and off-camera, “We get through those brutal weekend morning hours together and always have the best time. Plus, we’re both foodies so we like to explore local spots for dining! We really work well together and love exploring Pittsburgh outside of work too. He’s become one of my best friends here and I will forever be grateful to have such a great co-anchor—Without a doubt!”

As you can tell in that last quote Kasey, like her co-anchor and off-camera friend/on-camera colleague, enjoys living and working in Pittsburgh—especially when it comes to food! “We’re both foodies,” Kasey said, “So we like to explore local spots for dining!” When Kasey is not exploring local spots to dine, she looks no further than her kitchen. There, Kasey, who's Italian, naturally enjoys making Italian dishes. “I like to make fresh pasta with a creamy lemon sauce, crispy prosciutto, and shrimp or chicken,” Kasey said about her cooking skills, “I also love Bolognese and my nana's homemade manicotti.”

Aside from cooking dishes, she also enjoys baking them; although she tries not to because, “I have zero willpower when it comes to food!” When she does bake dishes, her favorite “Specialty” she bakes is Cheesecake.

Kasey’s love of cooking (and baking) is like what she said about Pittsburgh, the city she calls home, “Full of loyalty and passion, two traits I can get behind.” Kasey also has loyalty and passion for living in a sports city, which to her is, “A huge plus. I’d like to think that's where the loyalty and passion comes from!” And another thing that makes Kasey loyal and passionate about Pittsburgh is the people. “Some of the best people I've ever known.” With that being said, I second that with Kasey being one of the most loyal and passionate personalities WTAE has ever known. Because she reports the weather for the Pittsburgh area for Channel 4 with the same heart that her viewers had that live in the Pittsburgh area, loyal and passionate.


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