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Why Drinking Soda Every Day is Dangerous to Your Health

II am going to write a small article on why drinking carbonated beverages is dangerous to your health. According to the American College Rheumatology Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. they show the following reports: When a person drinks carbonated drinks every day, they have a very good chance of getting osteoarthritis in 20 years. The Nurse Health Study I and II did a study in the country of Sweedom on the effects of carbonated beverages on women in their country. The study surveyed 190,000 persons who have drunk carbonated beverages more than once a day for twenty years. After the study was completed, they have found that 63% of women would likely develop rheumatoid arthritis. In simple forms, 60 out of hundred would likely develop this disease in a large classroom. In a simpler form, 6 out of 10 of your friends who drank carbonated soda every day will likely develop severe knee pain, hip problems, and other symptoms.

Unless a person stops drinking carbonated beverages every day, they might suffer the following side effects. Occurring to videos, some of the side effects may likely be hip problems, back problems, and knee problems. Furthermore, carbonated beverages may likely increase the likelihood of getting high cholesterol and hyperactivity in adults and children. Because he or she drinks soda every day, my friend is walking with bad hips and knees after 20 year of seeing them. When you drink soda every day, he or she may likely suffer tooth decay. After your teeth fall out, they can likely cost over thousands of dollars to replace their teeth. When your teeth fall out, you can suffer an inflammation of the gums. This could likely lead to an infection.

I suffer from TMJ disorder. When I eat too many sweets during the day, my jaw could likely go into spasm later in the day. I have seen my mother’s back go into spasms when she is eating too much cake. Unfortunately, none of the doctors can prescribe a magic cure for a person. The following Websites come from Arthritis-Health and articles.

In summary, the article teaches the reader the dangers of drinking too many carbonated drinks. Some of the long term side effects are knee, hip arthritis, and your teeth falling out as you get older. Today, I am seeing some of my friends with bad hips and knees who drink soda for many years. Do you want to live a life of terrible pain after 50 and 60 years old? By eating a low-sugar diet, you can reduce some of the symptoms of arthritis when you get older.


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