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What I Have Learned in Therapy All These Years

By: Maggie Jones

I went through all of this all my life. As a person with autism, with depression and anxiety, I learned a lot of lessons taught by my therapist and doctors , who helped my see I was who I was meant to be all along. I was meant to be myself, me. And no one else can change me.

And I am human like everyone is here on earth. I just learn slower and process slower.

I'm not Broken. I am like everyone else. This is me, a positive self coming from adversities well battled but proven I made it.

I have seen hard times I overcame it, because, I chose to get help so I can get better at coping and dealing with things. And overcoming things I thought I didn't know I had overcome.

Its important to know how to cope with the things you can’t control , and to deal with the things that you can control in your lifetime.

Here are some ways to cope with the things you cant control :

1.Take deep breaths.

2. Use guided imagery.

3. Count backwards.

4.write about your problems.

5. Drink tea that herbal and caffeine free.

6. Read a good book that you enjoy.

7.talking to a good friend on the phone or in person.

8.listening to music that is relaxing.

9.helping or giving your spare time to other through charity work.

10.find a favorite hobby.

11. Find positive quotes in a book or on the computer.

12. Go for a walk.

13. Exercise.

What you can control is all of these things to help you relax and enjoy doing. And you are in control of yourself and no one can tell you how to think at all. Only your parent and the people that love you care about you and want the best for you.

I hope you find these tips good to follow and try at home or work or maybe school.

Remember, you are human and in control of things you can take care of , yourself. And you cant control what others do or want to do.

Just be yourself.


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