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We are Stronger when we Believe

By: Maggie Jones

When I was down and the world was on my shoulders . I would have said " give up.” But I have to know deep inside that anything is possible when you believe in the right things and in your heart. And you are stronger when you believe in positive things. You were made for this world. You have a purpose in life , you have to come to reality and rise up knowing right from wrong. Not just the people in your life need you only, for the world needs you in it to be together working. In peace and harmony.

You are stronger when you don't give up or give in. Your biggest dreams and potential comes when you believe in yourself and do your best with what you got inside of you.

Let it go and live the life that's meant for you to live by. Let the fears go away of the past mistakes you have made. You are stronger than your fear, we all make them mistakes, We need to do better with the time that has been given to us with the courage of learning from our own mistakes we have made in the past.

I have lived to let go of hiding and letting go of the past. The past is history , tomorrow is a mystery , today is a gift in which is the present. We live for today and right now. I have lived through sad and dark times, not knowing when the end was, but never gave up and grew stronger in my faith that things will get better. I have done a lot of hard work and struggled with it and wanting to give up, but, i said to myself, “ What if God gave up before the seventh day that he would have made nothing.” So when you are down on yourself, get back up , brush off the dust and don't give up this time, because you are so worth a lot to everyone that loves

you or cares about you.

You deserve respect as everyone is getting. We all are equal. So when you feel you're not enough. Stand up and say I am enough with a positive attitude. When someone bullies you, ignore them unless it's serious to cause danger to you or anyone around you. Go tell someone that you know will help you and understands what to do. The bully is not really a friend, so, why listen to them. They don't matter like you do.

And remember, we are stronger together and we believe in the right things.


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