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We Are Better Together

We know there are some days we care and some days that get hard, and those times are a lot harder to deal with. No matter how frustrating it gets some days when people that are your co-worker, a friend, an acquaintance and when you feel down you seem to not get together as a team because you don't feel you fit in or different beliefs of things. When it comes to Covid and you feel lost, know that there are people that care out there. There will be a better day if we work together to end this pandemic especially. We can wear a mask to protect ourselves and others to slow the spread also. We need to get vaccinated and do the right things to better end this pandemic.

We must do everything we can to stop the pandemic. We need to try harder to actually care about one another and get vaccinated and wear a mask. It will not only save the lives of others. It will save yours as well, and keep you out of the hospital so people that really need help can get help.

And you're not being selfish by getting the vaccine or masking. Trust me, to make it the end of the pandemic we need to do our part. It's to save your life and others, especially those who have heart attacks, strokes, cancer, mental illness emergencies, accidents, and broken bones even. When you don't get vaccinated, you are putting a lot of people at risk of not only dying, but others will be affected by it. They can't even get the right care just because you didn't do the right things. Hospitals need relief, and you need to grow up and act like true adults and do your part to end a pandemic and get vaccinated, just ask the scientists and doctors and researchers trying to get a cure for covid 19 strains. But until then, get vaccinated, wear masks, and do what you have to. I'm not just telling you because I am mad, I have too, it's the right thing to do.

And I am not shaming anyone. I am telling you what is right so you don't end up in a hospital bed that's needed for, like I said earlier, people that actually need a bed. Not because you took the time to do nothing to protect yourself and your families and let doctors and nurses get a break. May God bless doctors and nurses and for front line workers for doing their job, saving lives, and serving a great nation. And for researchers to find a way out. And for those who took the time to listen when it comes to saving lives by vaccines and masks.

We have to come together for this one, no excuses.


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