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Victoria the Christmas Window Artist

I know it's fall, but last winter I got to do an interview with a talented lady that does Christmas window art for Lawrenceville, Garfield, and Bloomfield neighborhood businesses. I asked about how she does Christmas window art, and this is what she explained to me: don't be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to someone letting you paint their windows for their stores.

She also loves to inspire others with her work. When Covid-19 hit, she wanted to lift everyone's spirits for the holidays in 2020, during the pandemic. and it made everyone very cheerful and happy knowing even though there was a pandemic going on globally in the holidays. Whenever she sees someone else happy it makes her day better knowing she did her job that she loves to do, painting windows for Christmas.

It was a windy cold November day after Thanksgiving on shop local Saturdays. I wanted to see what was happening in Bloomfield that day for shop local Saturday. I saw this woman painting windows for Christmas. It was amazing work she put into artwork she does for business in the Bloomfield Garfield and Lawrenceville region. I had an idea to write something for the spring that was different for a change, I loved winter, and I loved Christmas, and I loved art. I think Victoria paints very, very well. And she does it to lift spirits and cheer people up for the holidays, like I said it was during the pandemic.

I loved the fact she made me think of how to get people in the holiday cheer in the darkest days of our time. I asked her what she was painting, and at the time she was painting winter trees in front of a store on Liberty Avenue and Edmund Streets in Bloomfield. I introduced myself and got the word out about Pittverse magazine. She said she has a relative that is autistic. I stood and talked to her about how her work was beautifully done.

Then I got the idea to interview Victoria last early December of 2021. She agreed to the interview. The next time we talked was the interview, and it went really well.

Above artwork done by: Victoria - the window artist.


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