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Upcoming Pittsburgh's Perfect Parties - Slumber Parties

2022 has officially arrived, and with a new year comes a new internship! This internship was rather different from the past 2 years, as the activities were more spontaneous than planned. Pitt freshman Julia Robison hosted a “Cook-Over” sleepover on January 15, Chatham University junior Abigail Mifflin hosted a “Makeover and Spa Night” sleepover on February 19, Shady Side Academy 10th grader Madison Dayley hosted a “Fashion Show” sleepover on March 19, Shady Side Academy 8th grader Grace Luster hosted a “Dance Party” sleepover on April 16, Shady Side Academy 9th grader Isabella Black hosted an “Activity First then Sleepover” sleepover on May 21 featuring bowling across the river at Zone 28, Shady Side Academy 12th grader Sarah Ching hosted a “Camp-Over” sleepover on June 18, Shady Side Academy 11th grader Jill Moser will be hosting a “Beach Party” sleepover on July 16, Shady Side Academy 10th grader Hannah Mifflin hosted a “Hotel” sleepover on August 20, Carnegie Mellon University junior Allison Brawner hosted a “Boy/Girl Party” sleepover on September 17, Pitt alumni Brooke Leesaw hosted a “Scary” sleepover on October 15, Shady Side Academy 6th grader Samantha Mifflin will be hosting a “Movie Night” sleepover on November 19, and Shady Side Academy 7th grader Lauren Bennett will be hosting a “Holiday” sleepover on December 17.

As for recipes that everyone chose for the “Cook-Over” sleepover this month, Julia is making Strawberry Cream Floats, and her 4 best friends each chose a recipe to make as well. Jennifer Preager is making Sleeping Bag Blondies, Sloan Culleiton is making Bananas Foster Crunch Mix, Sasha Beanie is making Marbled Orange Fudge, and Erin Thomson is making Rainbow Cupcakes. Activities will also include watching some episodes of the TV show Chopped on the Food Network and crafting their own aprons prior to making their snacks. All of these recipes came from the article from Taste of Home, in which I tried many more of these recipes and ate them myself.


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