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This is who I Am: A letter to Pittverse crew and staff and all who contribute

Thursday, November 10,2022

Dear Pittverse and staff at Pittverse,

I am a person with courage and strength to do and know what is right, and stand up for what is right. I am a person of dignity and respect that I give to everyone no matter how they think or how slow or fast they think, or believing in a certain God or religion , or if they are of color or not of color, democrat or republican or independent, different nationalities different languages or disabilities physical or mental. I am in this world with you. And there is no one else like you or

me in the universe.

I am a person of faith and strong belief and of good will. I help people if they need help. And like I said before , there is no such thing as not asking for help. And don't question who you help and don't look for rewards for everything you do right in good will . God will reward you when you go to heaven.

Expect me not to be perfect like anyone else is but perfect in their own unique way. Everyone has talents, and everyone has a lot to contribute to this world.

I can do as much as a person without autism. My abilities are endless possibilities , for I know I'm not perfect as we all are. But knowing that I'm human as everyone is on this earth. I try my best to do better, and do the next right thing when I need to, to make things better for the world I live in. I only have one lifetime to enjoy my life but be there for people that need my help and for the people that just need someone to talk to.

I have been through a lot of adversities , and I have courage to say what I have been through. I have been through a lot of struggles myself as well as my family, as well as many people have struggled.

During the pandemic in 2020 through 2021 , even now prices have skyrocketed around the country due to inflation. But we must stay strong and overcome the adversities that we face together. With the wisdom that we know for doing what we know is best for everyone and not just one person, for it takes every single one of us to have the courage to know the difference between right and wrong accepting that all of us try and we may not be perfect, but at least we try our best and at the end of that day or everyday.

And when we look at what we accomplished at work, or at school , or even talking to a friend or two, or at play in a playground with friends, we notice that we work together to make things work out well in the end. Because we overcome adversity to get to the point in our lives and say I did it, or I lived through it , or it was tough but I did it for the sake of helping because I care for my family and the people that surround me that know me. And they care also .

I am stronger , and we are stronger when we find adversity, courage, faith, and the courage to know the difference between right and wrong and know that imperfection is okay too. We make mistakes , we make mistakes, it's up to us to make that mistake and learn from it.

A letter to Pittverse magazine writers and those who see and contribute,:

I have learned to be that person that has a lot of good character, and mercy , and to have faith in courage in everything I do every day with adversity, and diversity , me , like many with autism, it's not the end of the world if you have autism, you work around it the best way that you know how.

In different levels of autism some can talk some can't, some are severe, some are mild, and some just learn , know and do and speak things differently, but you are a person like me with a lot of talent and a passion for writing and journalism and photography . You are what makes Pittverse thrive and keep going no matter how differently our opinions are you ,like me ,are like people who want to get the job done and do the best we can with our God given potential to create stories for people to enjoy and see what people like us can do when we put our minds to work. Using skills that we have learned and most of all we care about our passion for

understanding things, it is hard , I know believe me. And when we work around our disabilities like autism, we achieve great ideas that we may learn slower than some, but it is very important that we take one word at a time to get the job done. I could never get to this point in my life where I have learned skills that I have never learned before from all of you. I may be suffering from depression, but ill will get back up and start again over and and never give up and give in from trying. For Pittverse , I am going to continue working with all of you , because I care about not only the passion for writing but a better perspective to see why I was meant to be here. And

that is because of all of the writers and the people who work side by side with us everyday to make sure everything we do is right for the magazine and our careers.

One last thing to say is ,Thank you to the staff at Pittverse, and all the writers and here's to many more years of working together.

Thank you,

Maggie Kathleen Jones

Always, a Pittverse writer that has autism,

and is proud to be here.


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