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The Role of Grandparents in Our Society

I feel that grandparents play an essential role in developing their grandchildren's confidence and self-esteem. Trust, faith, and assurance come from our grandparents. Because grandparents are old, they tend to live a short time. In this essay, I am going to write about the consequences of children who have lost their grandparents. I will also talk about my grandparents.

After the Russian soldiers have killed the children's grandparents in Ukraine, the boys and girls have lost hope in their future. Who is going to show kindness, compassion, and empathy to the boys and girls without their predecessors…? Because their ancestors have died in Ukraine, the boys and girls will lose hope in a better future for themselves. Before the Russian soldiers shot the old people, why did they not think about their predecessors growing up…? Will the Russian soldiers suffer regretful feelings of their atrocity…? How will the soldiers tell their sons and daughters about this tragedy?

When I had grandparents who were alive, both of my grandparents would lecture me on my good traits. Anne and Lou believed that I could make friends with other people. Lou and Anne were my grandparents. Anne and Lou said I was very intelligent, smart, and cared about other people.

When I was sick in the hospital, my grandparents often showed compassion, empathy, and kindness toward me. They often called my mother on the telephone about my illness.

After both of my grandparents have died, I began to feel lonely and insecure about myself. When my grandparents were alive, both of my grandparents had brought our whole family together with special kindness, empathy and compassion. For example, the holiday of Passover Seder was a great experience during the time when Anne and Lou were alive in Hartford CT. Ginsburg’s family was at the Seder plate in Connecticut in the month of April. I was able to see my uncle, cousins, and aunt at the Seder. Today, they are dead.

In summary, grandparents play an essential role in the child’s development in growing up to become a young man. In addition, they show love, kindness and encouragement toward your future plans. Furthermore, both of my grandparents have given me confidence and faith in myself.


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