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The Rainbow of Knowledge

By Daniel H. Ashkin

After a severe thunderstorm, he or she often sees a beautiful rainbow full of man vibrant colors in the sky. The colors in the sky appear like shinning glasses of gold. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each of the color of the rainbow represents the many subjects in school. For an example, orange can likely become your spelling class in school. The color red can demonstrate the color writing and grammar in school. Blue can illustrate your Life Science courses that you study about snakes, reptiles and the specular butterflies in class. Indigo can illustrate your addition, subtraction, and word problems in your math class. Finally, violet can demonstrate the child’s drawing of houses, trees, animals, and gorgeous cities.

On a whole, the colors of the rainbow can reach out a potential intellectual ability in all us. We must learn how to grasp each subject’s knowledge through listening to the teacher. Unless we take the colors of the rainbow in our brain, the brain will likely into mush. When our brain turns into slush, we our unable to reach our possibles that God gives us.


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