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The Butterfly

By Daniel Ashkin

The coast of Coast Rico consists of over 1300 species of butterflies They lay their eggs on the leaves The color of the butterfly comes from transparent light from the sun shining on its leaves. A majority of the butterflies migrate up to America and Southern Canada during the Spring

Time. The largest butterfly in the world is 12 inches in diameter. The smallest one is 1⁄2 inch in diameter. The fastest one can go at a speed of 17 mph an hour. The website comes from Also, you can find the information on kid exploration.

The butterfly consists of several main parts of its bod. They include the head, thorax,

abdomen, and stomach. The head contains the sensory organs such as the eyes and the ears. The thorax consists of the flight muscles such as the wings of the animal. The butterfly month sips decomposing animals, wood, fruits and wet mud. The abdomen part of the lepidopteran consists of the respiratory system, digestive system, and the reproductive system. The legs of the butterfly have three sets of claws which hold onto plants and tree barks. The information comes from Encarta Encyclopedia.

The butterfly is the most beautiful insect on this planet. They can be observed in the

forest, desert, grasslands, and the tropical jungles. In this article, I will describe the parts of a butterfly. What do these species eat? Three, how does a female butterfly lay eggs? Fourth, what types of butterflies live in the state of PA?

In the late summer, the female butterfly lays its eggs on top of the plant leaves of the trees. After the eggs are hatch from the female butterfly, a caterpillar will likely develop before it spins into a silk web. Before the caterpillar spins into itself into a cocoons, it shreds its body four or five times. The new growth phases of a caterpillar life is called an instar. During the Fall , the caterpillar grows a thick fur before it goes into a cocoons. This process of changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly is known as metamorphosis. The silicon chip in each of the caterpillar will determine how long the metamorphosis phrase will likely take place in order to become a butterfly. The process can take a few weeks or a month for the phrase to occur in nature from Alan Pet Center from website.

In the state of PA, the reader of the article can find many different species of butterflies in our beautiful state. The Penn State Observatory has identified over 146 different types of species of butterflies. The article will list 15 common butterflies that often occur in our state. The first one is the Morning Cloak which is often occurs during the spring time in state of PA. The size of this butterfly will range from a half-inch to 5.5 inches in diameter. The breeding occurs during the months of June and July. The following common types of butterflies that is find in the state of PA is Cabbage White. This type of butterfly often eats cabbage plants, radishes, nasturtiums and watercress.

The Orange Sulphur is succeeding type of butterfly that you can find in the state of

Pennsylvania. During the night time, the female butterfly lay its eggs onto the plants. After the caterpillar hatches from the eggs, it will eat peas, legumes, and alfalfa plants. Alfalfa plant play an essential role in preventing blood clotting. Eating Alfalfa plants can likely reduce lower your cholesterol. In addition, this plant may prevent diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer Disease.

The Pear crescents is another common type of insect found in the grassy areas of

Pennsylvania. The insect gets its food from the grasslands of this state. Pollination plays an important role in generating plants and seeds for plants to grow.

The Eagle Tiger is next fantastic, brilliant butterfly to view for an observer. This insects loves to soar high above the ground. The wing ranges from 3 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. The female lays eggs. After the eggs are hatches, the caterpillars eat magnolia, roses, and cherry plants.

In summary, we learn that butterfly hatches from the silk cocoons which the caterpillar makes in the Fall. There are 146 different types of butterflies in the state of Pennsylvania.

Caterpillars and butterflies are often are a pest for the farmer in the state of PA. However, butterflies play an essential role in pollination of growing new plants. They are beautiful, attractive, gorgeous creature to take pictures with your camera. Gaining knowledge is a wonderful hobby for anyone who wants to learn about this wonderful insect.


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