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PATC Personal Stories

by: Maggie Jones

There are some days I feel that my disability is always telling me I can't do enough to be helpful to anybody. Or i'm not enough. Sometimes I get like this because I always feel I can't do enough at all or say things slower and process things slower.

I feel like just giving up.

But then,I would get back up and try my best; to be and love myself first and most, and be proud and accept the fact that I have autism.

Everyday, I am grateful for my mother and father and my sister that help me every step of my life. I also feel they have helped me see I would never be alone learning by myself…that I always had someone to help me achieve my dreams. Big and small.

I work at a coffee shop for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The place is called Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop in Pittsburgh PA.

Having autism or any disability is nothing to be ashamed of at all. It’s part of the human condition. We may learn slower; we may do things different than other people. But, we are still human like everyone and should always be treated with love and respect.

I have my dreams of one day being a team lead for Bitty and Beau’s coffee. And I also have big dreams of one day feeling happier and getting rid of my depression once and for all.

Accepting that you have autism and not giving up your dreams can help you feel self-love and allow you to be yourself. Then people will see you for being you.

I have learned the hard way in the past to live in the present too.

I live Autism everyday to the fullest.


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