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Our Friend Ms. Susie

By: Maggie Jones and Zach Grabowski

In Loving Memory of A Great Friend


Ms. Susie O’Leary was a mother of one son, a grandmother of one granddaughter, a great-grandmother of four, a sister of seven siblings, a dear friend to many and a great boss. Susie worked as the bakery manager at Paddy Cake Bakery in Bloomfield for many years. I had the pleasure and honor of working with Susie when I worked at Paddy Cake. We formed a great relationship and we always had fun together! I loved her dearly! She would always feed me delicious baked goods when I worked there. She was a hard worker and had loyal and faithful customers who would come to the bakery every day to say hello, chat, and buy baked goods. She was loved by so many!


She was a caring person, she accepted you for who you were. She was always there to talk to and when you came into the Paddy Cake bakery, she was happy to help any way she could. She was also someone that loved saying prayers on her time off work. When she had time off I would stop at her house near Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh and we would sit and talk. She was there for me when each of my pets passed, she would say they will always be here for you. Even if you don't see, God is there for you and so are your pets that passed. I have to be positive and believe that Ms.Susie is still here for me and Zach from heaven. I loved Ms. Susie. And so did Zach.

We will never forget Ms. Susie for being a wonderful, sweet, kind, accepting women that cared about each us. She taught me never to give up and to accept life for what it means to me. I learned to be understanding because of her. She would be happy for Zach or myself when we accomplish something great or small too. We are happy you where our friend that truly cared about us.

God bless miss Susie for being our best and closest friend we could ever have.

We love you always.


By Maggie jones

The hopeless flower into light poem:

I feel lost hope is gone but i must go on and do the next right thing .

The flower is deceased ,

No longer lives, and your job is to bring it back to light water sunshine and good health by being brave. Even when you are down and it seems over , don't give up, you will make it . tell the flower that you are here to do the next right thing.

And the flower will be returned to light of day when its happy.

You will go forth o flower and create fruit of the beauty of the earth. With courage you must, a true friend is what you need dear flower , to guide you to light.

From the northwind to the sea, down the river full of memory , come my darling homeward bound. I am found said the little flower. Of course you are found. Said from the Heavens and the earth . you where once lost in fear , then you found with the hope of another day to rise and bloom, and on the horizon.

A new hope for a better tomorrow , we must not give , courage with haste , for its our only hope,

A new day dawns from the the light you have created now show with pride though the beauty of a rainbow, a dove shows divine size of love.

Hope must be not far, neither is it near also , for we must accomplish together in Peace.


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