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My Encounter with Franco Haris in Bloomfield During Little Italy Days

By: Maggie Jones

My exciting little Italy days in Bloomfield began with me walking to Bloomfield that day. I wasn't expecting that someone special from Pittsburgh, signed me an autograph that day. It all started with the annual bocce tournament that I watched this past summer 2022, in little Italy. I was encountered by a honorable person that was willing to sign my paper with his autograph (I have a picture of it at the end of this article).

I had a pen and a notebook, and I asked Franco Haris #32 that had a 50th anniversary of the immaculate reception in December of that year, “ Hi I work for the Pittverse Community. It is a website blog %100 written by adults with autism. And I have autism and also work. He was happy to sign in my notebook his autograph .

Months later,on December 22, 2022, he passed away. And in his honor. I wrote this article to all of Pittsburgh and the world that knew him.

He left a legacy to all who will never forget the man who made the immaculate reception in 1972. This past year, this man loved to give back to a community and the world. He was a incredible athlete that in our lifetime will never forget in the sport world and history of football and the world.

I remember my dad in the 70’s always seeing him on his bike going up liberty avenue every single day to work. He did stop one time and said hi to my dad.

And to this day and for generations to come will know his name,

And that day back in December 23, 1972 at 3:32pm will go down 50 years later and for

generations to come is Franco Haris #32 and the immaculate reception.

We as Pittverse community honor him as well.

God bless Franco Haris!!!!! #32!!!!!!


Here we go steelers!!!


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