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Mark Lizotte


I was born in Massachusetts, but I have also lived in upstate New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania. During that time, I lived near Charlotte, Boston, and Pittsburgh. These are also three cities that I like to draw. I like modern architecture, particularly skyscrapers. I hand drew buildings and cities on typing paper from fifth grade until 2014, which is about 26 years. Then, in a computer aided drafting class, I found out that I could connect lines on the computer to form buildings. My teacher challenged me to draw Greensburg, PA on a computer screen. I drew the downtown line by line, and even added trees and other scenery. I added color to it and printed it out. It looked realistic, but it only had moderate detail. For the next few years, I drew many American and foreign cities. I have also drawn stadiums and landmarks as well. The detail, however, was still lacking. To fix this problem, I am working on a project. I am spending this year drawing cities on 8” x 20” paper with as much detail as possible. So far, I have drawn eight cities, including Pittsburgh. I am even putting the date on each one. Each city takes about three days to finish. I want to see how many I can get done by the end of the year. My other hobby is sports research. I like to look up the history of Pittsburgh teams as well as Boston teams, because I was born in Massachusetts. I try to find the complete history of each team, and store the information in folders and binders. I have looked up many leagues too, including Japanese Baseball and Australian Rules Football. I even found an English Premier League team whose roots can be traced back to 1863!


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