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Jake’s Top 10: Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

by Jake Ziesche

10 Two’s a Cloud- Cloud Guy moves into Branch’s bunker.

9 Hair-Jitsu- Poppy teaches Branch hair-jitsu.

8 Party Crash Course- In order to host a party, DJ Suki takes a course.

7 Bringing Up Birdy- Branch must take care of some baby birds despite his ornithophobia.

6 Glamping- Branch takes some young trolls on a camping trip.

5 Extreme Sleepover Club- A group of trolls have a sleepover in the Funtime Factory.

4 Mr. Glittercakes- Branch and his new friend both want alone time.

3 Cloudy with a Chance of Hugs- Branch teaches Cloud Guy about romance.

2 Hair Ball- Smidge has two dates for a fancy party.

1 The Bunker List- Branch attempts to finish his Bunker List in one day.


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