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Interview with Aaron at Creation Lab Maker Space Owner / Galleria Pittsburgh

1. How did you get into 3D Printing?

a. I started with years of experience with 3d modeling and design with Autodesk Inventor for 21 years. After working in engineering for 10 year, I got my first 3d printer and was instantly hooked. I can now take my design from the computer to the real world very easily.

2. What inspired you to become an instructor?

a. My mom. I come from long history teachers. Lots of relatives have had careers as teachers.

3. How long have you been doing 3D printing?

a. 7 years.

4. What is your favorite 3D print for a business?

a. A trade-show model for Harbison Walker. They make refractory brick lining for crucibles for the steel making industry.

5. What is your favorite 3D print for fun?

a. Zwolf – the 12-legged, radio-controlled walking machine.

6. Did you play any war-games before you got into 3D printing?

a. No- I much prefer machines and devices.

7. Do you enjoy 3D printing?

a. Yes, very much. Since I was able to learn 3D modeling many years ago, when I got my first 3D printer, I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do.

8. What is “Creation Labs”?

a. Describe the memberships and classes. Memberships offer access to lots of high-tech manufacturing tools and software. Ranging from $50-$100 per month, they also give you a half off discount on the classes. Classes show the students how to use the specific machines and software to get you started.

b. What kind of technology do you have at Creation Labs that can get you started? Mostly 3D printing and also laser cutting, CNC routering, vacuum forming and 3D modeling and design software.

9. What is the future of advanced manufacturing?

a. I’m not sure. I know things will get easier, faster and higher quality. For 3D printing, things are still very slow, loud and low quality. In the future, the parts will be better with less human interaction.

10. What can we expect from Creation Labs in the future?

a. More machines and classes will be added to the lineup. More members and businesses will be participating in making and creating.

Photography courtesy of Max Chaney


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