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Imaginary Camera Mind Station at Bubbles on Royal

When I went to obtain twenty quarters from a five-dollar Federal Reserve Note on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, I envisioned a U.S. Treasury printing press template device suddenly appearing in front of me. Simultaneously, two connected printing templates both came out of the floor and out of the ceiling in a laundromat room in Shaler (in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) in order to legally duplicate the actual existing $5 bill that I had on my personhood on that particular day. The upper template had black, green, and yellow ink jet printing compartments. The lower one had black, green, purple, and yellow ink jet compartments.

I placed both the front and reverse sides on a rectangular wooden panel (black) shelf which perfectly fitted the width of the $5 currency piece as my mobile Behavioral Support Specialist (BSS) clinician and I once again viewed the intricate numbers, ink colors, and wordings on the paper currency note as we had done a few minutes earlier in her personal vehicle. I debated with her as to whether I should put the $5 piece with Abraham Lincoln’s pictorial likeness facing up toward us (heads) or the reverse side’s printed Lincoln Memorial replica (tails) into the “cash-to-coins” changing machine’s paper bill feeder.

I turned the bill on the heads side and then on the tails side as we looked at each side for a few seconds apiece. I silently suggested giving the bill’s tail side to one of the machine’s two feeder apparatuses. Shesuggested the bill’s head side. I went with my internal instinct and gave the machine’s feeder the bill’s tail side. The machine took the bill and proceeded to give me twenty quarters (an equivalent to $5 dollars in paper currency). Going back to the fantasy-based mental envisioning of the U.S. Treasury machine instantaneously appearing in my imaginary mind-set just a few minutes before I gave the machine the $5-dollar bill, I believe it is a normal creative edge to the human mind, that is, in the imagined creation of harmless mental motion-picture videos of the real-life Federal Reserve Note printing process. This is while fantasizing about these printing press machines appearing in an unrelated public place such as at a local laundromat.

I used the coins to purchase clothing items at a local Goodwill retail store in Cheswick (also in the Pittsburgh area). I used the same laundromat machine on Thursday, August 4, 2022, in order to receive quarters so that I could get extra quarters to wash, rinse, and spin dry personal clothing articles. I placed four separate $1-dollar bills side by side on the perfectly framed rectangular wooden panel located below the “bill-to-coin” changer machine’s paper currency feeder apparatuses. I did not have the imaginary U.S. Treasury bank note video unexpectedly play in my mind shortly before giving the $1-dollar bills’ tails sides into one of the machine’s feeders. Similar to August 9, I silently debated on putting either George Washington’s printed likeness (heads) or the pyramids and bald eagle likenesses (tails) into one of the “bill-to-coin” changer machine’s feeders. Also, as was the occasion on August 9, I elected to go with the bills’ tails parts.

The difference, in my opinion, may have resulted from a dialogue conversation with my BSS therapist about the U.S. paper currency printing process and the special inks which are used to prevent counterfeiters from illegally duplicating paper currency pieces. I had this conversation with her on August 9, which occurred just before we went into the laundromat facility. I believe that this was the direct catalyst which may very well have sparked my brain to get especially creative. This is in regards to the imagined printing device video playing in my internal mind-set. I did not have this specific conversation with my then-CS clinician on August 4.

Bubbles on Royal, which is located at 805 Mount Royal Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15223, is the location where the imaginary video in my brain occurred on August 9, 2022. I certainly believe the human brain and how it sometimes peculiarly operates is undoubtedly a fascinating concept to attempt to understand. I correctly assume countless others would agree with me here. Yet, I do not believe the imagined images and thoughts were extraordinary (out-of-the-ordinary). That is, in attempting to mentally visualize how paper bank notes are created in the U.S. Treasury Department’s confines. Additionally, the thoughts and mental images occurring right after discussing the topic with another person are normal and understandable. I hope others will take a refreshing delight in reading my writing effort here.

This is a case-in-point explanation of the brain being creative in a normal and harmless manner:

Cropped BSS iPhone Images

Lincoln Heads

Lincoln Tails

Cropped BSS iPhone Image


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