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Gardening Tip: Tomatoes

By: Maggie K. Jones

Part one: how to start planting for beginners; tomatoes.

What would you need to garden in your yard is:

  1. A small hand shovel.

  2. Bags of potting soil.

  3. A bag of miracle grow.

  4. A watering can.

  5. Water

  6. Different size planter pots.

  7. A little patience.

  8. A few tomato plants.

( from your local garden center)

Step one: Put potting soil and miracle grow in the plater pot.

Make sure you mix both the potting soil and miracle grow.

Step two: Dig a five inch hole 4 inches apart from each other in sun lit area.

Step three: place the tomato plants in, leaving the leaves uncovered form the bottom of the plant called the base of the plant. Make sure to loosen up the bottom roots before planting.

Step three: make sure that when you water the tomato plants, to not go on top , but water underneath.

Wait 90 to 140 days til harvest. Depending on an area where you live.


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