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A Perfect Woman for an Imperfect Man

In the past I have written articles which give my opinion on various subjects and in some cases ask for support in spreading causes I feel need to happen. This time however I am writing a call out to people to help me find someone with whom I can find true love and have a good life. I do this in the hopes that someone who reads this will find the girl who is best for me and let me know about her so I can be happy. I also have a strong belief that by putting my description of this woman in writing that I will find this person, especially since I saw her in a dream. In the dream she called herself “Ataru “(Ah-Tar-Ooh) and I felt a deep connection with her. It is my belief she exists out there. Though not much was said to me in the dream, I hope to find her regardless of what her true name is based on the following note of how I would describe my perfect woman.

• Her name is very beautiful

• Born with an Asian heritage

• Her family is wealthy and powerful

• She is very beautiful inside and out

• She has a thing for men that are different

• My appearance does not matter to her

• She vows that she would be the perfect partner/wife/friend to he who is her true love

• When she meets me I’d be perfect for her

• Together we would have an relationship that would go beyond any and all existence, with no way for us to be separated from each other for any period of time

• We would be so in-tuned with each other that at times we would think and act as one without hesitation

• Our decisions would be perfect as would our lives both together and individually, as it will also be for our loved ones, with no fear for and or from anything

• She and I would live with no regrets at all

• Just as she would be to me I would become the man of her dreams

• We will meet and fall in love immediately

• We will use our great riches and influence for good

• We will forever be living the “Good Life”

I strongly believe that this woman exists out in the world somewhere and if anyone knows where I can find her please let me know. You will find my name as the author of this article and as I write this I currently work at the “Dollar Tree” in Cranberry Township, PA 16066. Please help me find my True Love. I have a deep belief that this will help me to do so.


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