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A loving tribute to my dad

By: Maggie K Jones


As my father, you are someone who can help you out with any problem. Math problems, history, you certainly know a lot about World War II. When it came to homework from school when I was young, you would always help. If someone needed a helping hand, you were there. You are that kind of dad that cares.

I know you have dealt with a lot, and it was a lot harder than what I go through myself or Stephanie, my sister.

You also love to tease me and try to make me laugh a lot.

Dad, I just want you to know I love you and accept you for who you are. We all make mistakes in our lives, I care about you, and I believe you took the time to care about me and Stephanie.

You truly believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. I know how frustrated you get when I try telling you to try understanding me, but now I know you understand me in all I do for you, mom Stephanie, and our pet dogs Moose and Suri. You give all your love into your work. I accept changing my ways of thinking about you. I know deep down inside, you love me, we get our days, but I will try harder to understand you. And I want to thank you most importantly for being my dad and helping me see I'm not the only one in the house.

You taught me responsibility and hard work, you gave me chances to change who I once was and I will never let you down on that.

I am a young woman now. And how I got there was some of mom's help but you helped me the most to see who I need to be. And I am now caring, kind, thoughtful, and respectful. I will take one day at a time because of you.

I grew to understand things better because of you always talking to me about why it's so important to treat others the way you want to be treated.

You have a kind personality that is generous. You understand me like a book. You also take the time to help me understand what you are saying.

I think you are someone I can't live without. You are the picture perfect dad that loves me no matter what.

Dad, after all these years I still feel loved because I have a mom and a dad and a sister that truly care about me and my wellbeing. I just wanted you to know and the world to know I love you, even if you say “just do it for the heck of it Maggie”.

You gave me a heart that wants to keep trying never to give up on what I work on in my life. Whether it's writing for the Pittverse Community, or trying to lose weight for the good of my health, or just saying I need to work harder on what I need to do.

Believe me, you are a good dad for myself and Stephanie.

Love, your daughter of 31 years,



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