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A Festive Cake Review

My mom purchased a seven-inch layer cake on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Lincoln Bakery is located in the community of Bellevue. The food service site’s formal address is 543 Lincoln Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202. This community is located outside of Pittsburgh. The business is a family-owned affair which has operated since 1945. Since it is an independent bakery shop, the prices can be higher on some items than in most chain-run stores.

“Heavenly Cakes and Pastries” and “Out of this World in Flavor and Texture” describe their numerous confections of sweetness. This probably explains the haloed angel facial image. The angelic smile might be referring to the angel’s positive response after eating one of the delicious products.

The cake which my mom bought cost her $15. Despite its diminutive size, its overall taste and presentation appearance is an eight out of ten in my personal opinion. An invented rating scale of mine goes like this: one for terrible and ten for excellent. I liked that the chocolate and vanilla icing was sweet but not too sweet. The matching cake mix batters were moist and easy to swallow. I wish there had been colored sprinkles and drawn pastry icing balloons (plus icing flowers due to May being a Spring month) on the cake’s top part. I remember seeing these additions put on previously decorative cakes.

The worker who sold my mom the cake told her that the boss would not allow any counter attendant employee to use a pastry bag to write “Happy Birthday!” on the top of a little pastry item. My mom wanted to treat my dad and I to a sweet treat due to it being her birthday. I believe this particular company rule is weird. I additionally believe that the cake is too expensive for how small it is. The cake is neither gluten nor sugar free

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