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Sara Brooks: Welcome
Sara Brooks: CV


I am 28 years old, and I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and anxiety, though I am taking medication to control them. My strengths include intelligence and an extraordinary memory regarding certain topics. I know all kinds of things about the movies (like Star Wars, for instance), certain comic book heroes (like Spider-Man), and the music of the Beatles. Starting in school, I excelled in the area of performance: as an actor, singer, and musician. I had the male lead in three straight high school musicals at Wesley Spectrum Academy: Little Shop of Horrors (Seymour), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown), and Into the Woods (The Baker). I had been putting these talents to work, for seven consecutive years, at the Joey Travolta Film Camp, working together with others to write, produce, and create short films.  


Film and filmmaking are obviously interests of mine. Ever since I first saw Star Wars on the big screen, I was curious about how they pulled it off. Once I found out, I felt that’s what I wanted to do for my dream job. I have other hobbies as well, such as assembling model kits, researching on the World Wide Web, watching films, and playing drums and guitar. 


My ultimate goal would be to work in the film industry. I am particularly interested in directing, and I have the right ear to work as a sound designer. Shorter term, I am just trying to find a way to utilize my skills in a way that benefits others. For five years, I was an activities volunteer at the Baptist Homes nursing home, where I enjoyed cheering up residents with games and performances. I’ve been with Pittverse Magazine since winter of 2014 and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 

Writer's Info

Writer since 2014

What do you enjoy most about working for Pittverse Magazine?: 

The fact that my thoughts are heard and respected. 

Personal Achievements:

Joey Travolta Short Film Camp (2011-2017)

Employed at Shop 'N Save (2009);  Baptist Homes (2008-2013)

List any current projects of organizations that you are involved with:


Arts for Autism

Inclusion Films

What is your favorite hobby or activity?:


Goals for 2020:

List your favorite:

     -Movie: Star Wars (1977)

     -TV Show: Star Trek

     -Actor/Actress: Christopher Reeve

     -Song: Let It Be

     -Musician: The Beatles

     -Sports Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

     -Color: Red

     -Food/Restaurant: Bado's

     -Animal: Orca Whale


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