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Kevin Hart
Sara Brooks: Welcome

Writer's Info

2015 - Current

What do you enjoy most about working for Pittverse Magazine?: Getting to know what others are interested in and writing for the magazine.

List and Work or Volunteer Experience: I work at the airport and volunteered with my grandma at the US Dept. of Education for three summers.

List Education Experience or Achievements: I got an award for excellence in algebra.

List any current projects of organizations that you are involved with: I want to continue research studies about autism.

What is your favorite hobby or activity?: Traveling and training for pilot license.

Name at least one goal that you have for the future: Get married, become a pilot, work with FAA.

What is your proudest accomplishment?: Graduating high school and completing some college.

List two random facts that you would like Pittverse readers to know about you: I want to get a long with everyone and I'm friendly.

List your favorite:

     -Movie: Any action packed movie

     -TV Show: Amazing Race


     -Song: You're my Inspiration by Chicago


     -Sports Team:

     -Color: Blue/Green

     -Food/Restaurant: Eat N Park

     -Vacation Destination: Disney

     -Animal: Cat and Dog


Look for this avatar and tagline in Pittverse to identify Kevin's articles.

I want to help others and be a team player.

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Sara Brooks: CV
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