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Settling Into Middle Age

What is middle age? I guess it would be defined as the years of life between youth and when I am considered a senior citizen. These are the years when my body parts start showing signs of malfunction. I am starting to develop arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis. But the most telling sign that I have entered middle age is my wisdom. I have lived and learned from the experiences of half a lifetime. I have lived in history, in a world that the youthful generations cannot fathom.

My advice for the young is to point out what has worked for me and to encourage them to find their own solutions, but I don’t want to walk them through every single step.

I am tired, and I’m interested in the straightforward and least stressful route, not taking a rocky detour to catch every single sight along the way.

But when needed, I also have a bank of knowledge, a brain full of creativity, and a collection of useful things in my garage. I’m not afraid to embrace a new challenge, because I don’t care so much about what others think of me.

I look around and see nothing of real value in my home. My priorities have changed as I realize material goods are meaningless. I am less concerned with pettiness, and now ponder my role in the societal issues challenging the world today.

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the weight of the world. I can no longer lay claim to the carefree attitude of youth. I am older now and I have become wise.


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