Nathaniel Reed Geyer was diagnosed as a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He currently has ten years’ experience in public health research in the areas of cancer, obesity, HIV, epilepsy, public health workforce, and Vitamin D ancestry. He has advanced knowledge of statistical, software, and analyses procedures; holds a Doctor of Public Health, two Masters in Epidemiology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and a Bachelors in Biology with a concentration in ecology. He is an experienced scholar practitioner with a broad background in bio-statistics, epidemiology, and GIS. He has submitted abstracts to conferences and in the process of publishing key manuscripts in the literature, especially in the areas of HIV epidemiology, obesity, cancer, and epilepsy. Lastly he earned a doctorate in public health from Walden University in 2017 and works performing data analysis for the Penn State College of Medicine. 

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