Bryan Lippert

April 18, 2018

Two Bears

There once was a guy named Bryin who had two bears: Brownie and Shaggy. No, these bears were not real, they were stuffed animals that Bryin owned. Shaggy’s fur was tannish brown and Brownie’s was the color of delicious brownies, chocolate brown. Bryin named the two bears and kept them as decorations in his man cave. Sometimes Bryin wished they could come to life so that he could have company at his home. He also thought that they would be good roommates, as they were only a foot tall. So Bryin started researching to see if there was any way to make stuffed animals come to life. He only found a few movies (Ted and Ted 2) and some magical ways to bring them to life that would cost too much money!

Weeks went by as Bryin continued to seek a way to bring his bears to life. Then one day, Bryin ran into a man named Robert Lordman. He asked if Bryin had he ever tried to pray to God for the bears to come to life.

“Pray to God for my bears to come to life, you say,” Bryin asked.

Robert said, “Yep, just try it. I can help you further whenever you do.”

 Bryin promised to try it. Another week went by, and Bryin prayed that whole week…and nothing happened. He again went in search for Robert Lordman. Bryin found Robert in a church called “Lordman” in the town of New Heavens Gate.

“Of course I found Robert Lordman in church on Sunday,” Bryin said. “Hey Robert,” he whispered, “I was wondering if I could have your help with my bears.”

“Certainly,” Robert said. “I need you to bring your bears into church to see me next Sunday; we’ll also need to get to know each other better until then.”


Part 2


The following Sunday, after Robert and Bryin had gotten to know each other better, Bryin took his bears to Robert at the church. Robert explained to Bryin that, in order for this prayer to work, he would need the help of two relatives who had passed away.

“They are stars now,” Robert intoned, “and they need to be invoked in a special prayer to allow their spirits to inhabit the bears.” Robert explained that this prayer required a very dark place, where all of the stars could be seen.

“Okay let's do this!” Bryin exclaimed.

Robert and Bryin took the two bears with them to the church courtyard and began a deep special prayer. Bryin suddenly saw two shooting stars.

 “You might want to stand back,” Robert chuckled. The two bears began to glow with light. Bryin gasped in awe as the bears started to move and talk. Bryin recognized the bears’ voices as those of his deceased cousins, Chris and Danny. Now that the bears were alive, Bryin had a much happier life.  He enjoyed living with the two bears Shaggy (aka Chris) and Brownie (aka Danny). They often watched movies and played games together. Robert Lordman occasionally visited Bryin at home, and they sometimes went out for tea, coffee or just a tasteful lunch. The two bears would often accompany both Bryin and Robert in public, and the town folks are amazed by this miracle.      The End

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